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^^^ 100% absolutely correct.

There is a point in many counties of NJ where even typically Democratic voters will vote the other way, simply over 2nd Amendment issues. In entrenched Dem political machine territory (Essex, Hudson, Camden counties) we may as not even bother to speak. But in solidly blue collar yet working rural counties, like Salem and Cape May, the typical vote has been Democratic, although that's more of a fact of inertia than actual cultural affinity. If NJ gun owners begin targeting the representatives in these locations the balance of power might well shift. So I am not so sure that the entire Democratic delegation will feel so strongly about passing things thru the full house and the full senate.

Tynman (above) is the classic case. In his own words he writes:

I gave CC my vote last time only to get bow zoe the clown (Corzine) out. And if they dont come out with someone that I think will do right by the blue calor worker and leave us alone so we can feed our families (and not there pockets) I may not vow. I like some things CC has done but there are more things I dont like what he has done so I my not vote that way this time...

I don't want to put words in his mouth (and am happy to stand corrected if he wishes), but this seems to me to typify the working class swing voter who although he is culturally affiliated with firearms, from a social standing class probably tends to be more affiliated with the ideals of the Democrats. He is not a one-issue voter. 2nd Amendment ideas are one consideration, but not his only consideration. It's this vote that we need to secure if we are to prevail in NJ. It's counting on this wishy-washy vote with a little pandering at the right time of the season and a little fear mongering towards his wife that has kept the Dems in power this long in NJ.


Ya'll down south o' the Mason-Dixon line ought to start getting out the vote. Who else but me knows that everything south of Atlantic City NJ is also south of Baltimore, and that Cape May is about the same number of degrees south as Washington DC? Get to some political action down there guys! The Damned Yankees up in Sussex County need some backup.



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