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Panic buying??? Maybe...

I will say I have bought more then I would have had this whole mess not been happening in the first place.

I ordered 10 - 30rd pmags and 10 -20rd pmags but at normal prices ($12&$13)

I did buy extra XD mags for my 45 & 9 also but at normal prices ($25).

This whole situation also made me realize how susceptible I am to a panic market. It pushed me off the fence to start educating myself about reloading and I was able to aquire all the items needed to reload at normal prices(no real deals to be had). I'm still waiting on some stuff to ship but they were in stock when i ordered them (verified with a phone call). I've been blessed with a LGS that has many of the items I need to get into reloading(powder & primers mainly) and have not been gouging anyone from what I can see.

The whole grun grab climate has made me wake up and take action to be able to weather these kinds of events in the future. Sucks for me that it took this event for me to wake up but it can be navigated if with a lot of work and patience.

My supplies are light but not bare by any means. I will continue buying and building up my supplys as long as prices stay normal(and my wife doesn't threaten to devorce me! ). I refuse to pay grossly inflated prices and won't do business with gougers when things return to somewhat normal.
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