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mine is 338 Win Mag in a Browning Stainless Stalker with a B.O.S.S. the gun is very accurate...

last year I got a 5 gallon bucket of new nickel Federal 338 Win Mag cases, that had no flash hole, for scrap price... had my buddy with a lathe put flash holes in them all, so I'm set for life with cases, as I already had 250 of them ... I also happen to have ( likely) a life time supply of LR Magnum primers, that I inherited from my father in law... the bullets are spendy, but as mentioned, they have great potential to transfer energy...

... I also have a Stainless Stalker in 375 H&H... with a 2" shorter barrel, but in penitration tests, side by side with both rifles, with Federal Factory Premium Safari ammo with Trophy Bonded Bear Claws, the 338 was almost unstoppable... much more penitration than the 375 H&H in my informal testing... I'm planning on stretching my range & finding a good 6-800 yard load for the 338 this summer...
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