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Snuffy I feel ya man I really do.Thats why after seeing it was real close to being the same length as a 208gn A-max I went to R17.Again his barrel is only 20 inches,so R17 should push the E-tip as it did and does the A-max for the guys that still shoot them. ( same rifle ) Its just that I walked away from the 208 in my rifle and had some R17 left to try.

The best part about this whole test is that he only bought 50 to try,and that he was told that he had bought the Partion. ( he's new to this ) So if I can get it to shoot I guess he'll want more,but if not then that will be that last of them.Here in SC we don't have to shoot solids,thank the Lord for that one.
life is great but its better when you can own as many guns you wish to own.for me I haven't bought enough yet.
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