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You guys sure have lots of ideas :-)

I think 44AMP sets out a pretty good plan. Try various jacketed, then recrown and try again. I'm not into rifles very much or bullet casting (at all) so the effort to find something to work would stop with me after recrowning and jacketed load testing.

There's little sentimental value to this rifle for me. We never went hunting nor even ate venison at their house so there are few fond memories associated with the rifle. I have my Grandfather's retirement watch as a keepsake and I have the Mossberg .22 he gave me for my 11th birthday.
I'm in my 50's and not a hunter (not a philosophical issue) so getting the rifle to shoot is more of an idea that I prefer to own things that 'work' rather than things that look nice but are broken. (I don't think I could bear to turn something that's almost functional into a lamp.)

But it's too early to give up. If I could find some 150gr flat base .30 cal bullets I could work up some likely loads. Shelves were amazingly bare at Sportsman's Warehouse last night so I'll use some 180gr bullets I have on hand but that's not really the preferred weight for 300 Savage. Have to keep looking for bullets in case the 180s don't shoot right. This could take awhile!

Thanks for your inputs. It's what these kinds of forums are so good at :-)
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