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Bought an LCP but at usual retail price that it was before the panic hit. I did overpay by 5 bucks for some .380 dies on ebay as Midway was sold out.

I asked my grown son what he wanted for xmas back around the first of Dec. He sent me a link for the Arsenal 101S Ak. I thought that it was a lot of cash for an Ak, but he has always been a damn good kid so I ordered one for each of us and they shipped to my FFL. Xmas morning we put 10 boxes through his, mine is still unfired in the safe. I see that they are up in price a bit since then.

Sold a box of 1000 large pistol primers for $30 to a local fellow who was glad to find them. Probably could have charged more but I only paid $18 for them. The old reciept was stuck in the front of the dusty box.
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