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Just to let you know

Thanks for all your feedbacks. Just to let you know, the Ruger 22 Mag is for my wife. She has small hands and can't hold a bigger pistol. So instead of getting her the Ruger LCP 22 LR, I got her the Mag.
Going back to stopping power. One person above mention to use the heaviest solid bullet. I don't think that would be good, since the bullet would just go through the target. As for the Jacketed Hollow Point, this will expand and do more harm.
I like Hornady Critical Defense Ammunition 22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire (WMR) 45 Grain Flex Tip expanding and the Gold DotĀ® Short BarrelĀ® Personal Protection .22 WMR
But I can't find them online...all sold out. If you know of any sites that sell the above ammo...please point me to the site

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