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boogieman that is way we should give them the 4 year term once we vote them in and if (when) they start to act funny and stupid and start getting richer then they already are we should vote them out on there asses and hard, to show them that we are not stupid and we see what they are doing. And not make them career polititions... But we all have to stand together and make it happen... And thats from the president down to the little towns board of ed members....

I gave CC my vote last time only to get bow zoe the clown (Corzine) out. And if they dont come out with someone that I think will do right by the blue calor worker and leave us alone so we can feed our families (and not there pockets) I may not vote.
I like some things CC has done but there are more things I dont like what he has done so I my not vote that way this time...

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