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Originally posted by g.willikers
During the podcast, it was pointed out that military training doesn't necessarily include much in the way of handgun training.
The fellow talking was in the Marines, so maybe other branches do include it.
He also said that the emphasis is on precision rifle over long distances.
Very useful in some places, but the lack of training in close, fast rifle training was harmful in others.
Handgun training is primarily for officers, platoon Sergeants, and squad leaders and from what I understand it is purely marksmanship oriented.

As far as an emphasis on precision rifle I have to disagree. Our annual rifle qualification has two tables, 1 & 2, the first being 200-500 yds from various positions. Table 2 is all done at 25 yds with an emphasis on speed and hitting vital areas, center mass, brain stem, pelvic girdle (theoretically a mobility kill).

Besides that there are tables 3 and 4 which don't count towards rifle score but are typically done at least once a year by combat units such as infantry and combat engineers. emphasize facing then firing, firing on the move, magazine changes, and engaging in low light with and without NV and lasers.

I also recently went through some training that involved clearing rooms, every Marine does so at least once at MCT, my unit refreshes on it regularly.

So the podcaster saying we mainly emphasize precision rifle is, IMO, flat out wrong or he could possibly have gotten out of the Corps before the other tables were added to the training regimin.
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