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If you are interested in target shooting with a light load, 3 grains of Bullseye or 3.3 grains of 231 will be find in either the Special or the Magnum cases.

If you want to load full power, use the manuals and work up slowly while watching for pressure signs. For magnum loads, 2400 should be a good choice with lead. In revolvers, as loads get into the high range, any tendency of the cases to be sticky to eject is a pressure sign and the load should be backed down 5% as it is starting to stretch the cylinder steel.

Also be aware that while lead bullets generally produce lower pressures than jacket bullets do, in revolvers in particular this often ceases to be true above some pressure point where the bullet starts to be upset out into the forcing cone, making it like shooting an oversize bullet. This is one reason (in addition to leading) you often see it advised not to go past the middle range of load data for jacketed bullets. In lead, that can already be at maximum peak pressure.
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