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No panic buying here. I have bought a mag for my .223 Saiga and a bulk box of .22lr. But those were still at pre panic prices. Sportsmans Warehouse had the .22 at normal prices but limited how much you could get. I was ok with that. Got the mag at Numrich, it was only like $25 for a 35 rounder. Last one I bought pre panic was $19 and in worse shape (metal surplus mags).

I sold a LC9 via BackPage. A guy posted he wanted to buy one and I had been thinking about selling the one we had bought for the wife (she didn't like it). I definitely didn't charge any panic pricing, just got most of my money back.

If you ask me, the guys who are selling off all their personal stuff at elevated prices are gonna end up screwing us in the long run. Sure you made a couple bucks, but soon that elevated price will become the acceptable norm. I am sure I could have sold the LC9 for quite a bit more, but it's not WORTH more.

The biggest change for me is that I haven't been shooting since "Black Friday". That's the longest I have gone without hitting the range in a LONG time. Honestly though, I'm not sure if it's been a time crunch issue or if I just don't want to use my ammo. I've been thinking about going to shoot some .22 and help my Dad sight in a couple rifles.
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