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Your Python story is a cool one, but you couldn't pull that off again and I'll bet you know that even if you don't want to agree.
That's the whole point. No, they're not common, but if I wasn't looking for one, and knew enough about what I was looking for, I would have passed it up thinking it had to be a piece of junk because it wasn't priced at $1500-2000.00. I knew what to look for, and how to check it out to make sure it didn't have timing issues, and that it locked up properly (thanks to a couple of fellows on here). I didn't have to go home and do research.

Sell it to you? Not now...but check back in a few months. I haven't gotten tired of it yet. I doubt I'd take $800.00 for it, but I doubt I'd get much more for it really. It's a good shooter, but it's not in class that brings the big bucks either. There is a world of difference.
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