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In the Move situation, a bomb was actually dropped on the headquarters of that radical organization. Move had wanted a confrontation with the police. They just didn't expect that much of a response.

Waco was a debacle handled by ATF, Bill Clinton & Janice Reno, not local law enforcement.

If memory serves me correctly the victims at Waco & the members of Move, were not out hunting down and murdering police officers and their families. That's a big difference between those groups and Dorner

Tear gas canisters burn hot and if they land near something flammable, a fire can ignite. A fire was started by teargas canisters during the confrontation between the LAPD and the Symbionese Liberation Army (the group that kidnapped Patty Hearst back in the 70s).

Or, perhaps Mr. Dorner lit the fire himself before putting the final bullet in his head. None of us know what really happened. The attempts at making Dorner into some sort of folk hero are, frankly, sickening.

CNN Panel: Django Unchained in real life...

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