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Originally Posted by FrankenMauser View Post
.500 Nitro is whatever you want it to be. ...just like .30-06 is whatever you want it to be.

If every cartridge were reserved only to be used for its original purpose, .30-06 would only be a military cartridge. And, where would we be without it?
Ok that sounds trite. So a .500 Nitro can be a anything you want it to be; varminting round, a plinker, a self-defense rifle? Come on. Explain to me then how a 6lb rifle makes sense for a classic elephant/buffalo cartridge? Would you take that rifle hunting for grizzly, elephant or buffalo? Does it have any of the nostalgia of "just like the famous hunter so and so?" No, it moans "dork."

The young man who bought it did not seem to enjoy getting his shoulder banged up with just one or two shots. That was really an inappropriate platform for that cartridge and it is silly to try to pretend otherwise. I guess you could make a .223 into a 10lb double rifle but why? That would be just as ridiculous.
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