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The key is to be ready to strike when you see one.
Ready to strike?
Like a... wait for it...
Keep looking. You never know what or when you'll find something.
Well, always, of course. But you simply HAVE to know that your story is like the exception that proves the rule. Just because it has happened and it happened to's not much of a data point to convince others that they, too, can find a Python for a really good price the way that you did.

Myself, I purchased a fairly high-dollar 1911 that was unfired, and it wasn't one of those crazy "husband died and old lady had no idea what it was worth" stories, either. But you could give me 10 years and free travel all over the country and I could NOT repeat the feat. And if I told you what it was AND what I paid, most would figure me to be lying.

Your Python story is a cool one, but you couldn't pull that off again and I'll bet you know that even if you don't want to agree.

Now then... you could make a complete fool of me and make me ONE HUNDRED PERCENT wrong and all it'll take is for you to sell me that pretty snake for eight hundred bucks. I've got it here, in hundreds, just let me know. My FFL is merely a phone call away.
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