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Look on the bright side, OEF-Vet, they only dinged you on spelling; only time I typed "Green Berets" on TFL, it was promptly pointed out that those are headgear, but the guys who wear them are SF.

(Of course, most civilians don't know that, so the shorthand of "Green Berets" is simpler.)

Meanwhile, with regard to training, I think it depends greatly on who the commanders are. In my experience, which was mostly big Navy but with the occasional JSOTF LNO gig, the typical Navy CO firmly believes that a sailor with a gun is more likely to hurt himself or his buddies than he is to hurt the enemy.

The JSOTF guys were much better, but in my experience, deployed training depended on individual initiative to a great extent, too. For instance, seeing that a class was going to be offered, finding out who was running it, and getting added in. Or, getting invited to go shoot with the security element when they did small arms or heavy weapons shoots.
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