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Only about two years ago Classicfirearms had barreled MN actions. I can't recall the price, but it didn't seem favorable to buying the complete rifle. Even in Remy 700 builds, every armorer will recommend just getting the basic model in the cheap-o stock. So rebarreling? It doesn't seem very feasible economically to do much of anything but a restock, some polishing up, a refinish, maybe the ATI sniper setup to install a bent bolt. I would also personally keep it in 54R even after a rebarrel. It's a great cartridge and needs no substitute. I haven't had problem with rimlock on my MN whatsoever. I also recommend shooting it first if you haven't to make sure that the barrel is definitely shot out. Many people shoot these things accurately with bad bores. I mean, we're talking 28 inches, man! It's plenty accurate with irons. I say, if you want a project rifle, then restock, refinish, possible chop and crown, and throw on some glass and be done with it. It turns out I'm perfectly happy with mine the way it came out of the crate. Good luck!!
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