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The military teaches you to shoot, move and communicate as a member of a team, not as an individual. While civilian training teaches you to neutralize a threat on your own.

The military doesn't care so much about the individual rounds (which is why the "5.56 sucks" argument makes no sense), but rather about putting rounds down to allow your maneuver element freedom of maneuver. But civilian thinking is the exact opposite where "suppressive fire" will send you to jail.
I think that is spot on, Beretta.

Civilian training for the most part is geared towards being on your own, while military you are part of a team/squad.

Also, what some claim as "inferiority" of the 5.56/223 round on the civilian side is not so much a big deal with the Military because they are supplemented with 7.62NATO, 50BMG, Grenades, Grenade lauchers, and Full-auto capability.

Another I noticed on Military vs Civilian/Competion is the type of techniques used on rifles, mainly AR's/M4. Competition shooters always have the support hand farther out on the handguard, while Military/LE has your support arm closer to the magwell or gripping a VFG.

I kinda hate the grip that competition shooters use...
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