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I'm just playing devil's advocate here and do not personally condone or recommend what I'm about to say, but what is keeping anyone (good and bad guy alike) from carrying inside these theaters? I understand that it's a violation, but we haven't seen the case where an armed civilian in violation of any posted policy has effectively stopped a criminal. What sort of repercussions would there be if this happened? Would the civilian be deemed a hero/charges pressed? My personal opinion is, and always has been, that a business owner can dictate the terms of his transactions with their clients. If they want to post a "Gun Free Zone" sign, then they have every right to do so. When you conduct business with them, being shot by an armed gunman is the risk you have to be willing to take. I love your letter, don't get me wrong. Will it do any good? No, I don't believe so. I also respect their right to ignore your letter and think they should do whatever the hell they please. I have Netflix, so I'm good.
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