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I have ordered a lee load all II from Bass Pro shop is on back order of course. i have also picked up a lb. of alliant smokeless powder along with a couple bags of AA wads and a few hundred 209 Remington primers.
I am thinking this is a good start for doing reloads.
what i will start with is one oz. lee key mole slugs i have made with wheel weights i may make some 00 buck at some point in the future but for now is 12 gage slugs.
You clearly don't have the slightest idea what you're doing. Buying an unknown powder, primers, wads, without knowing a load formula. You should have a load data sheet that came with the lee key SLUG MOLD. If you followed that when buying the powder and other stuff, then you should be good to go.

Get a lyman shotshell handbook. It's pretty much the bible for shotgunners. It will have very clear pictures of many of the shotshell hulls being made today. Once you have identified just what hulls you have, then you can look in the back of the manual to match your empty hulls to recipes spelled out there. BE SURE TO FOLLOW THE RECIPES EXACTLY No deviation. The substitution of just a primer can take an otherwise safe reloaded shell to one that could take your gun apart.

Now for specialty shotshell loads, there's one place that carries everything you could possibly ever want.

They also have loading manuals, including one just for slug loads. Best thing to do is get some clear Fiocchi new primed shotshell empties. Then make up some loads. It's real cool to see all the components through the side of the hull casing.
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