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I've had the gun spit debris back at my face when shooting. To a large degree, it has been an ammo-dependent issue (certain .357 ammo really spits, most .38 doesn't), and I think the problem was worse when new. Perhaps the underside of the ports wasn't relieved enough, and needed some sort of break in period. I'm not an expert on ported guns, so I don't know. Also, to echo Mike Irwin, firing from a high retention position could end up with the shooter getting a face full of burning gas and powder.

I had a Taurus (Shhh, don't tell my mom) .357 608 with a 4" barrel that has similar looking ports (8 instead of your CA's 6) at the same place of the same concept. I'm thinking it's a bullet shaving thing at the cylinder and not the port's. I never shot a snub with port's so it's hard for me to judge.

Glad you like the gun!
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