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I work in the service industry, so winters are always a bad time to buy for me (I might get a milsurp around this time of year for Christmas if I can afford - couldn't this year...). I have a couple of dollars I could spend, but I just won't give in to the panic (I remember the last one we had) and hopefully prices simmer down a bit. Checking Armslist, I just can't even believe what I'm seeing. $2000 for crappy customized AKs. $700 for Norinco SKSs. $1000 AR uppers. Quite honestly, due to the good news about a concealed carry law happening in a few months, I think I'm just going to wait it out until that day transpires. I don't believe an AWB is happening and, regardless, I'm not really in the market for a black rifle. I have plenty of old military rifles I haven't even put through the motions yet.
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