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Your build turned out real nice. Waiting to her what it well do at longer ranges now.
That won't happen for some time .... Need to find the pet load for this rifle...


I need to send the scope back to the Leupold custom shop... The scope & reticle was set up by the Leupold custom shop for a 40 grain .223 Remington @ 3400 FPS... I ended up with the scope because, the original owner flaked on paying and picking it up from my local gunshop... Scope is new but they couldn't sell it because of the custom configuration.. It will require a trip back to Leupold and me to spend some money, but its hard to complain about acquiring a scope for $600, that Leupold says would cost $1400 to build...

The hold over points and markings on the elevation dial are off because of the load it was setup for.. I can do the math, but with it properly configured it will be much easier to live with at longer distances...
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