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I have not participated in the madness, although there are a couple of things I wish I would have gotten before the rush. I have what I need for the most part although I wish I would have gotten a couple of the 25 round Ruger mags for my 10-22, just because those mags seem to work well as oposed to the old Ram-Line ones I sold off years ago. But I can wait it out, they will be available again someday. I had been buying up the bricks of the good "tacticle" 22LR rounds whenever I saw them because they work nearly flawlessly in my M&P 15-22 and my GSG 5. I wish I would have stashed a few more, but they will be back on the shelves someday. I sold my only AR-15 to a friend at work last year, its probably worth twice what I sold it for now at least. I still have some 223s and nothing to shoot them from, but this too shall pass. I picked up another 1K rounds of 9mm just before the crazyness started but wish I had gotten more. I have at least one 5 day class planned this year and will likely use much of that up that week. But I'll keep my eyes open fo deals and be more conservative and focused with my practice sessions and use up less rounds. I'm good on 45ACP and don't shoot them that often so it should last. Got lots of rounds for my 30 Carbine and a good supply of hunting stuff, 30-06, 303 British, 243, and 30-30. I will probably pick up some more 12 gauge birdshoot to have on hand, its fairly cheap, available, and will provide a lot of protection if push comes to shove.
And if all else fails I got lots of arrows for my bows. and an unending supply of rocks for my slingshot.
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