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I have a Stoeger Coach Gun that I bought several years ago with the intention of getting active in Cowboy Action shooting someday. I have not done that yet but I keep it handy for uninvited guest. So far all of those have been in the form of bears trying to get into my "bear proof trash can", apparently they don't know what the picture of a bear with a circle and slash means. Or being bears, maybe they just don't care. Anyway my Coach Gun is fitted with one of those elastic shell holders on the stock. I have two rubber buckshot loads for the furry fellers just to put the "fear of God" in em and get them out of my yard without really hurting them, and three real buckshot loads as backup in case they get nippy, or the visitors are in the form of nasty thugs. Its easy to handle, doesn't weigh much, and it gives me the ability to drop in the right load for the task at hand, and easily unload for safe storage when the problem goes away. And, its just plain fun, everybody should have one.
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