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Bluetrain, wearing that belted MG ammo "Pancho Villa" style is a good way to damage or dirty up the ammo and tie up a gun. I've seen it done, and at the Benning School for Boys it's a definite no-no...but some folks just seem to be unable to resist...or at least that's the way it was back in 1992.

In operational units, I'm sure the enforcement varies, but I'm willing to bet that most of the images showing that practice come either from the movies, or from fellows posing for pictures, because the middle of a firefight is the worst possible time to learn that looking cool has just rendered a key weapons system inop.

I'm not in the infantry anymore, so I'm sure things have changed, but like a previous poster put out before, back when we were practicing fighting the Krasnovians (a shout out to all of you who recall that insidious enemy), when we filled our rucks with boots and uniforms, we recognized that during a shooting war those items would be quickly replaced by MG ammo, smoke grenades, and extra water.
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