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Ed Sanow & Evan Marshall.
Ergh. For a couple of guys who never could furnish their raw data or a coherent methodology, their little study still gets some traction in the public consciousness.

Consider: the .45 ACP and .357 Magnum were, according to the study, the best manstoppers in law enforcement. This raises a second, pertinent question: who in LE was carrying guns in those chamberings when the study was done? The big two cartridges were 9mm and .38 Special, not .45 and .357.

The answer is, veteran officers and gunfighters. These were guys who had a strong attachment to specific guns, and who'd have jumped through a few hoops to get approval to carry them on duty.

I submit that the reason behind all those "one-shot stops" had far more to do with the guy behind the gun than the bullet it was firing.
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