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Al, it's a race to the bottom. This is not about gun control, it's about passing the most silly of laws, so silly that the Governer will be almost required to veto them on the face of their farcical intents. That will then give the loyal opposition debate points should Christie seek national office in 4 years. Veto these and become a "blood on your hands NRA supporter" and fail to veto them and have the 2nd Amendment activists at your throat. It's a Hobsons Choice for Christie.

I suspect that he will veto the bills, based on two things: One, it would be the right thing to do, and he is famous here for doing the right thing under most circumstances. Second, the folks that hate him already do, and hating him a little more won't help. He cannot afford politically to antagonize his base.

With that said, he's not a "Gun Guy". He's an Urban East-Coast Republican. So he's not spring loaded to the 2nd Amendment position by default. He does have a very finely tuned sense of fair play, however, and I remain hopeful.


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