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Originally Posted by FoghornLeghorn View Post
I remember reading about police officers who hit a gunman multiple times in the kill zone. They never did "stop" him. He finally died of blood loss.
This exact point is all over dozens of gun sites, that only a rifle round has enough hydrodynamic shock to really be called "stopping power" often times. A .308 in the torso isn't guaranteed, but man that's a tough hit.

I did like the idea of the Bofor's gun, but not only will it never be concealed, it's not even readily portable.

A Krinkov M92 or M85 is technically a handgun, and they're pretty mean. They might deliver enough shock to incapacitate a perpetrator just from blunt force.

But with the 22 shot placement is absolutely critical. So practice, practice, practice. Then practice some more.

Obviously, since you're asking about it, the 22 seems to be the platform. If so, then let me say that a 22 in your hand beats the pants off of looking around on the ground for stick.
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