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An interesting point was raised elsewhere - they said they found his wallet with Calid DL that miraculously survived the fire...but they already found his wallet when he tried to escape to Mexico...
Not tinfoil hatting, just two points that don't add up.
I agree wholeheartedly - police cannot be judge/jury/executioner, as much as our popular media try to make it so - how many cop movies have the cop trying to get the bad guy to PRISON? I think one Charles Bronson flick had the bad guy delivered to prison where he found out life was about to get really bad, but most end up being judge, jury and executioner. Now while popular media has zippo to do with real life, many watching the news are indeed conditioned by these same movies to cheer the cops when they end something this way, without critical thinking that other means and ways would have been preferable to maintain the rule of law - the rule of law makes for a terrible movie.
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