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For the most part this is all just a discussion we already know the answer to.
If you are a cop killer a ice cream cone in the desert in the sun has more chances of reaching a jail cell alive than you do. This guy killed multiple cops
Not in the course of a firefight or arrest but publicly and openly declaring hunting season on them.

He was dead from the first cop he killed, only he was a bit much to handle in the usual way of just shooting him because he was better at killing than they were.
Guy probably was railroaded by his dept. But he was a nut and have no sympathy for him. Killing his lawyers daughter would have taken care of that if I had ever had any in the first place. Which I didnt.

That said he made fools of LAPD, scared them to wetting their pants and shooting civilians, exposed some dirty little not so secret secrets and embarrassed them. Then he killed some of them.

Of course they burned him out. Its plain as day on the tapes. Heck if they didnt get him quick he probably would have slipped out of there as well.

What LE did was wrong as Waco was wrong but I given that one man had a kill ratio of what at that point 4 to 0 in his favor with guns did anyone really expect anything different than burning him out??? I dont condem LE for doing it on the level that as crazy as this sounds they were over matched and were not going to lose any more officers trying to prove they werent.
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