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I really like them both...and I love the .44spec. -shootniron

Damn, had to play the 44Spl card. Cooler round than either being discussed but we digress. Yes, the 44Mag is probably more of a modern commercial success mostly due to a certain fictional detective. When Mr Eastwood was a fictional cowboy he didn't do a monolog about his 45 Colt or the various C&B revolvers he carried. That would have been odd.
The 45 Colt was the "magnum" of its day, but in those days a magnum was a big bottle of wine. Today it still has all it's old west charm and enough potential to do anything the 44 mag can do, in a suitable firearm.
One thing I've noticed about the 44 mag is that IME it likes to go fast and is often quite accurate right up to the ragged edge. A 45 Colt is acceptably accurate with max or near max load, just not especially accurate. YMMV, but I still prefer the 45 Colt because I don't much care for max loads.
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