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I have a 30-30

I have an H&R Handi Rifle in 30-30 . I was shooting it a bit today . I haven't tried one of those fancy ready made rounds in it .
I am now using 165 grain crudely gas checked cast lead. I don't have a sizer yet so checks are pressed on using a Lee factory crimp die from the top. They seem to be doing well pushed with 20 gr. Reloader #7 and a WLR primer. Speed should be right at 1650
The trigger on mine hasn't been weighed yet but would make a New York politician happy This one likes jacketed bullets but price will keep it eating lead. I have read elsewhere that the Micro groove rifling has been discontinued . Since mine is new and has Ballard rifling ,that may be true.
All in all this is a fun little rifle ,and will be even better when I get the trigger lightened up a bit. ole shooter
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