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I listened to recordings of LE transmissions from officer to officer and dispatch just prior to the fire. They clearly say Lets go ahead with the burning. Just like we talked about. Then the burners are deployed. Then they continually report the progress of the fire to dispatch and officers with such terms as side 1 fully envolved etc referring to sides of the building.
There is no doubt they intentionally set the fire.
Now is this protocol? No. Nor is firing willy nilly on similar colored pick up trucks not once but twice for no good reason other than fear and wounding at least one woman, from behind.

I wont condemn LE for what they did. Dorner was not going to surrender, and frankly though outmanned and outgunned was effectively killing any officer that gave him the slightest chance. Face with someone that was obviously going to run the kill ratio up highly in his favor before that stand off ended, burning was the safer option and they took it. Its not like Dorner, after killing two cops was going to be allowed to come out of that stand off alive if he had crawled out waving a white flag.

Wasnt right but either the cops were going die in greater numbers, or do what they did. Not rocket science to figure out which they would choose.
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