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Well thats the first time I've seen one. But I like it. Its break action, so nice and simple, and a closed up ignition for that snow hike you are talking about. If its 209 ignition, I can't see anything wrong with it. Buy the thing and see how it does. I've never shot a Bad Rossi Rifle. The quality isn't always great but they always hit what you aim at. And you can leave that thing loaded all year long and won't hurt a thing, just take the primer out and leave the charge and bullet in it for next time. I like to clean and dry the barrel, drop the charge and seat the bullet, then put a coat of bore butter down the barrel all the way to the bullet. And you're good to go to leave it loaded till you take an animal or the season runs out. GIT THAT THANG!!!! Then post back with a range report, with photos of course
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