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Old news but new to me: Rossi Muzzle loader

What do ya'll think of these?

I know these haven't been made since what? 2003...But at that time, I had practically no interest in inline muzzys. I was a high school senior and my thought were consumed with the AR-15, 1911s and all things traditional with black powder.

I'm looking at one of these exactly like the one pictured, in for all intensive condition...and paying next to nothing in terms of a used 50 caliber inline. Now I'm not wanting it for a 200 yard + tack driver. Since a lot of people want to know what the intended use and action a gun will see before offing an opinion, This is what it will be used for:

Deer hunting, during muzzle loader season only (firearms is being reserved for a 1860 henery)

Long hike, all up hill to "the spot". Light and compact/simple is a huge plus. didn't relies how long (or up hill) that hike really felt till I made it late in the season, all geared up in over a foot of drifted snow

Typical shot (based on last year) is about 30-55 yards, with the absolute longest shot possible being around 115yard. All on medium sized white tails, we don't have any of those massive dino-bucks around here.

Very often last year we had multiple good shots on nice deer, ruined due to the neighbors dogs. (a problem which has already been fixed for next year)
So great accessibility to the breech plug for unloading without discharging is a big plus, as well as the ease of cleaning and quick detachment of the barrel from the action.

I'm not a die-hard. I get out in the woods couple times a week and alternate Saturday and Sunday during the season. The rifle will not be getting out to fill every tag available for both types of gun season, and will not see much if any banging around or abuse. It also will see limited use in the off season at the range.
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