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Look down right in front of your feet folks, that thing you see is the slippery slope.
" As long as they are a bad enough person we should just kill them, no trial needed" sounds good initially, but the longer you think about it the more it should chill you deep inside.
Trials happen for a good reason. It won't happen in this case now, he's dead. Some hearings maybe, no trial. No determination by "a jury of his peers" , just news reports, and I'll bet we all feel the same way about the trusting the news media.
If someone tomorrow convinces enough people in law enforcement that you're
responsible for killing LE officers will it be okay that they kill you without due process?
EDIT I'm sure it wouldn't take too long to find cases where people were mis-labeled as a"cop killer" so I don't really want to hear about "tinfoil hat's" etc.
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