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Talked to my LGS guy who is hooked in to Davidsons as his supplier. They are predicting that 30% of current LGS's will be out of business in a year because they will not have anything to sell. Orders are put on back order and you have no idea when or if something is going to come in. You order and hope. When stuff does come in, it flies off of shelves in a day or two.

Wholesale prices have not increased as of a couple weeks ago for primers and reloading stock.

Several reports out there that this will last another 9 months which puts us in November. By that time, things will have changed so much, who knows what a fair price for anything is. Also, I am afraid of to many guys going out of business which will cause prices to go higher because they have to increase prices to cover the lack of revenue for the last few months and to possibly cover the cost of increased government restrictions.

All in all not a pretty picture.
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