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Well, I stated what seems reasonable to me, as reloader, and everyone is influenced to some degree by local attitudes. I have never hunted with 7/08, so am not that familiar with the twist rates in models offered. My point is that for a reloader 7mm is a sweet spot along with 30 cal. I received as Valentine last year, a Cooper model 22, 26", 6.5x284, 1/8". Am growing to really enjoy this caliber now, a decent choice of bullets and effective bullets. 6mm isn't used much locally, so I could be ignorant of its real potential. I own and reload for 223, 300WBY, 340WBY, 6.5x284, and 44mag. All but the 223 and 44mag are custom rifles, so I chose the twist before I bought the rifle.

And Pete, I really like the C.S. Lewis quote!
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