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Thanks maillemaker for posting your list, as I can use it to illustrate my point. The boldface is my addition.

1) Resizer / Deprimer - this squeezes the brass down to the correct diameter and knocks out the primer.

2) Case Mouth Bell / Powder drop - this flares the mouth open a bit to ease the seating of the bullet, and also allows you to drop in the powder charge.

3) Seating / Crimping die -with the die body backed out so no crimp is applied and the seating stem adjusted in for proper seating this pushes the bullet into the brass to the right depth.

4) Seating / Crimping die - with the seating stem backed out (or even removed) at the bottom of the stroke, crimps the case mouth tight around the bullet.

This exactly emulates the Lee FCD, but without the post-sizing. The post-sizing is probematic for some, unnecessary for most and valuable in certain circumstances.

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