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Edit: You know what, no, I'm not getting roped into a caliber war.
You started one! Then you began to equivocate.

Besides it's not a caliber war. Just a matter of fact.

Does the .357 mag. have an "edge" over the .38 Spl.? Meaning is it more powerful in general.

Does the 10 mm have an "edge" over the 40 S&W? Is it in general a more powerful round?

It's a simple question. The straight forward answer was stated many years ago and much earlier in this thread. Yes. The .357 Mag is more powerful than the 38 spl. The 40 S&W is more powerful than the 9mm. The 10mm more powerful than the 40S&W. Honest answer to straightforward questions.

Doesn't mean that the more powerful round is always the most useful or the best for all persons in all situations. But some rounds are more powerful than others and some loads more powerful than others. Objective fact.

150 years ago someone said select the most powerful round that you can shoot well out a gun fit to the job. Good advice and it still works.

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