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No back problems here at age 63,though I have a fairly rugged constitution, at 5'10 and 200 or so pounds I am not exactly a shrimp. I learned to properly
pack a back pack in the Boy Scouts-had ZERO training on that in the Army.
One thing I credit the Army for in my war-Vietnam-is that they did enforce the regulation that the CIB was only for those serving in the 11B and related
MOS's. I knew several MPs who were turned down for it even though they accompanied infantry units as POW handlers on extended operations and rear echelon types who though they were entitled to one-and awarded it to themselves-when their bases were shelled or a "sniper" took potshots at them-were quickly told to take it off.When I was in the National Guard inthe 1970s I saw Official Messages stating that Marines serving in the Guard whohad been awarded the Combat Action Badge were NOT authorized to wear the CIB.
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