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lcpiper, I'm glad you found one. That is a pretty good price, too. I have seen them bringing a whole lot more. I hope you enjoy yours.

I have been shooting it some each day. It is about the smallest package that I can manipulate fairly well with arthritic, fat, carpal-tunnelled fingers. Especially if it is a little cold. It is just a ton of fun to shoot, though. It is a plinker, and a good one at that. I am going to check to see if Wolff has a replacement spring kit. Ironically, the two fingers I have more pain in are my trigger finger and thumb on my shooting (right) hand. After a shooting session, my thumb wants to start cramping from fighting that mainspring. One thing, though, I have been shooting some old ammo that has gotten wet at some time, and I haven't had a misfire.

We have had 6.2 inches of rain here since Sunday, but I have found time between showers to bounce around some tin cans and pine cones.
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