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The thug had already murdered 3 innocents, then killed a cop who was taking part in the fire fight outside the cabin, so there was no more need to wait for him as far as I'm concerned----he had earned a sniper bullseye on his forehead. On the other hand, starting a fire the way they did....just looks bad, like Soviet style resolution. It's no worse to burn him than to snipe him, but it simply looks bad. I personally wouldn't care if they had brought in an Apache with 30mm cannon to finish him. Put it this way----if that was your cabin and he had just slain your wife, would you want to make sure he was arrested, or killed? I'd want him dead as a doornail.

There was absolutely no more need to have additional officers or innocents slain by this thug. I thank them for ending it right then and there as opposed to having to spend literally millions of dollars to prosecute him and then keep his sorry hide alive for 40 years.
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