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Has this been CONFIRMED????

This just doesn't seem right to me. The fire started less than three hours after they cornered the suspect in the cabin.

The smoke grenade was thrown by LE to help them recover a downed officer. LOTS of gunfire during that smoke grenade! The video is incredible!

But to burn him out? I think we need to find out how the fire started before passing any judgment. And can someone verify the authenticity of that radio exchange?

Please understand that I hold LEOs in the highest regard. The following is about SPECIFIC incidents that I don’t believe reflect on most LEOs. That being said, LAPD actions in some respects seem as criminal as the suspect in this case; to wit:

1. Firing on two newspaper deliver ladies who drive a similar truck as the suspect and are "throwing something" (newspaper) at one of the listed priority target’s house? Come on, you weren’t trained to fire on anything until you verify that the target is indeed a danger to you or those you are protecting.

2. Firing on an innocent man because he is driving a similar truck to the suspect. This gunfire causes a 911 call to report gunfire and so...

3. ... A few blocks away another police vehicle spots a pickup similar to the suspect’s while responding to the 911 call of gunfire, a traffic collision occurs and the officers start shooting at yet another innocent person whose only crime is driving a large 4-door pickup.

So while this fire would seem to fit the bill for a vigilante response, it does not seem to fit with proper police procedures in such a high visibility case; or any properly investigated case.

On the other hand, listening to Lt. Patrick Foy of the US Forestry Service describing the initial encounter with the suspect by his game wardens was truly harrowing! The first Warden to return fire used what Lt. Foy described as an AR15 Platform Rifle but in .308 caliber. It is nice to know that the Game Wardens are well armed (Lt. Foy said this is one of four weapons issued to each warden).
With all the bullets flying it is surprising that only two officers were hit. Sadly one officer succumbed to his injuries. It was especially heart rending to see the impromptu honor escort of 4 motorcycles leading the Coroner’s van from the hospital followed by dozens of police units.

May God watch over all our men and women in Law Enforcement. God bless all of you LEOs and former LEOs.
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