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One shot, make it count.

I was reading some posts on the competition forum and found a thread that interested me. It posed the question of one shot, (I assume per target) at pistol type competitions. Competitions are not a familiar area for me and there could be a program in place now that deals with this. But in the interest of as much collective knowledge as this forum has what do the shooters predict would be the results of the following?

600 yard firing line.
Competing against only shooters w/ same cals. (one winner per cal.) Must get on to win.
unlimited modifications restrictions w/ exception of rail type mech. rest.
Run what u brung. Must be personally owned. No loaners
One shot and You're done, no warm ups, no sighters, no second chances.
Weapon must not have been fired prior to match, cold bore ambient temp only.

I realize this does not have economics factored into it and many, myself included have a costly trip.

However this would make one shot count.

Just a thought

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