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Anything made after 1989 is going to be a MK III. It is interesting Browning now calls its basic model with the plastic grips and epoxy finish the MK III. If I were to get another one, that would be it, then I'd replace the grips with Spegels, do the mag disconect, throw in a 28lb hammer spring, and carry the darn thing!
Thanks for that, pilot. I didn't know enough to go by anything other than the Browning catalog, which just identifies the two variants as "Standard" and "MK III".

Has the ambidextrous safety been around since 1989 as well? When looking at aftermarket grips, many of them don't say anything about compatibility with the ambi safety, so I'm wondering if it's been around for long enough that all of the new grips will work with it unless stated otherwise.

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