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696 no dash or the dash 1's ....were recalled ...and they should all have the 686-M stamp on them ....

If yours does not have the 686-M overstamp on it...then it will hurt the value....
If it has the 686-M overstamp on it ..../ I think the value on the no dash, dash 1's, dash 2's and dash 3's ....are all about the same.
In the dash 4's ( 1993) ....they changed to Hogue rubber grips( which I'm not fond of )..and then in 1996 they deleted the Square Butt ( and I like the Sq Butt over the Round butt personally ) the dash 4's to me...aren't too attractive....
Dash 5's is when the MIM stuff starts showing up I stay away from those too...
Personally, I only have one 686 - and it was a dash 1 that was overstamped with a dash M .... / its a 6" gun ...and while its not my favorite S&W revolver ( like my K and N frames ) ...its been a good gun and I shoot it a little bit.../ but I shoot my K and N frames in .357 mag a lot more...
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