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The NY Journal-News wants names of Ky. gun owners

You may recall the NY Journal-News recently drew a lot of flack for publishing a list of registered gun owners in that area. It seems they haven't learned anything. They have actually requested a list of owners in Whitley County, Kentucky.

Kentucky doesn't register gun owners and the only database is the state police database of those with concealed carry licenses. That list is exempt from public disclosure under state law. That begs the question, though, of WHY a New York paper would want a list of gun owners in Whitley County, Kentucky. Whitley County is a mostly rural county on the Tennessee border along the I-75 corridor. I can't figure it out unless somebody in Whitley County chastised the NY newspaper and the paper is trying to retaliate. That seems very petty, though, even for a rag like the Journal-News.

Mods: I posted this in Law and Civil Rights since this involves the NY paper's attempt to "out" legal gun owners in the hopes of passing stricter gun laws.
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