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Everyone thinks that ALL Pythons are so expensive as to be out of reach of normal shooters. Well that may not always be the case.

I had given up pretty much any hope of ever owning one until I found this one at my LGS back in October. Made in 1964, it looked pretty rough in the cabinet, but when I checked it out, it checked out mechanically. The hang tag said $900.00. I offered $800.00 and somewhat to my surprise really, they said "We can do that." Not cheap, but still not out of range of what I had paid for other guns.

I took it home, cleaned it up, and it looked a lot better than it did in the store. The blue has some wear, the grips show use, but it shoots just fine.

The key is to be ready to strike when you see one. If you let it set for even a day while you think about it, someone else will come along and take it. That one had been on the shelf about two hours when I found it.

Keep looking. You never know what or when you'll find something.
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